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If you have used other brands of self-tan products in the past you will find XEN-TAN to be a very unique experience.

Growing up a red-head with such pale skin, I envied people with a natural olive tone to their skin and endlessly tried different brands of self-tanner to give color to my skin. Like you, I was tired of the horrible chemical smells and unnatural colors that never seemed to go away, even days later.

I finally said goodbye to orangey application and unpleasant aromas and created XEN-TAN Premium Sunless in 2002. I used my 15 years of experience as a makeup artist and product developer to create the beautiful olive-undertones of XEN-TAN’s products.

XEN-TAN was the solution to my self-tan problem. Not only are the formulas, textures and colors of the products superior, but the scents, like Cherry Almond, Vanilla, and Coconut, are delicious. Now you will actually look forward to wearing the products while you tan!

Our products are made with quality ingredients and I promise you will see the unbelievable difference.

XEN-TAN products are never “perfumey” and never orange.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation. Our formulas can take years of research to produce because we want to deliver quality products that work for every skin tone.

The secret behind our natural-looking self-tan is a time-release agent. The agent controls the amount of the sunless tan ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) released on the skin during application. When released too quickly, DHA creates the unpleasant odors and trademark orange finish. XEN-TAN's time-release process leaves flawless and natural results.

XEN-TAN is the highest quality of sunless tan products, utilizing the most innovative ingredients and advanced technology in the industry. XEN-TAN products nourish the skin, smell delicious, and give a beautiful natural self-tan.

From one self-tanner to another, once you use XEN-TAN you will never look at self-tan the same.

Best Wishes,

Dera Enochson
Founder and CEO of XEN-TAN