Moisturizing Self-Tanners


Even though we are headed into winter, we still like to maintain our tans year round. But the cooler the weather gets, the more moisturizer we end up using! After using Mist Intense all summer long for spray tans, we like to switch things up without adding more time or steps to our beauty routines. Instead of hoping that the moisturizer we are using doesn’t make our tan streaky, we can get a healthy glow from products like Transform Luxe, Mousse Intense and Dark Lotion. Did we also mention that having light, medium and dark options make these products perfect for customizing your tan?

Transform Luxe – Light

11-10-16_blog_1-tlAny time we want to maintain a tan without going too dark, we reach for Transform Luxe. It gives a healthy looking glow to pale skin and can help even out skin tones. Because there is no dark instant color, it develops into a natural looking tan after 3 hours. Plus, it packs benefits for your skin, like antioxidants, so you’re keeping your skin hydrated and healthy!


Mousse Intense – Medium

11-10-16_blog_2-mousseMousse Intense is our go-to quick dry product for days when our skin is too dry for Mist Intense. It feels creamy going on and has an instant color so you can see where you are applying. The instant color also gives you an instant tan, so you don’t have to wait for results! By the time we’ve finished blending, Mousse Intense has dried and we can get dressed and head out the door to start the day.


Dark Lotion – Dark

11-10-16_blog_3-dlWe just had to mention our classic self-tanner, Dark Lotion. The jojoba & nut oils keep skin moisturized while waiting for the lasting tan to develop. The moisture in Dark Lotion makes for a luxurious application and really feels like the product is doing double duty as a tanner and a moisturizer. Tip: If we’re in a hurry, we like to apply this just to the areas of skin that will be seen.

Who says you can’t look like you just got back from the beach any time of year?

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A Day at the Lab

We are constantly working to bring amazing, new products to the Xen-Tan line which means frequent visits to the lab to make sure every formula is just right. Our CEO, Dera, recently spent a day at the lab creating new products for 2015! There is so much that goes into launching a new product and in order to get everything right, we test the color, texture, scent and everything in between!

“This is my favorite part of the job! Jorge and I comparing colors to get it just right. It’s two parts science and one part art and it’s always exciting to constantly work for better and better self-tanning.” -Dera

In the Lab

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Get a Healthy Glow

We love being bronzed and believe it should never be at the expense of our skin’s health. Before we enter into a season where we want to spend as much time outside as possible, it is important to be educated in how to maintain healthy skin.

Click the link to check out a very informative article we found on the effects of tanning beds and read about how one woman is now making healthy skin a priority.

Product FeatureSelf-tanning lotions, mousses and mists help maintain a rich tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Pair your favorite sunless tanning product with a good SPF to keep your skin protected while you are outside and join us in our vow to make healthy skin our number one priority!

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