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Allure Magazine Readers Choice Award 2007
Allure Magazine Readers Choice Award 2008

"Xen-Tan works so well and is easily applied without any streaking. It also smells good." - Samantha Harris, host of Dancing With the Stars

“…gives skin an instant tint of believable bronze, then develops—over three hours—into a convincing faux glow that lasts a full week.” -

“…by far the best-smelling self-tanner I’ve ever used—it doesn’t even have a hint of chemical smell…with just one application that’s as believable as if you had spent a week basking in the sun.” - New Beauty Magazine.

Editor’s Pick—“It has olive—not orange undertones.” - Dallas Morning News Looks Magazine

The best fake tan I’ve ever used…I didn’t get any streaks and the natural color lasted for days.” - Love It! Magazine

Self-Tanner Awards – The Best for the Very Pale—“ It blended in more easily than just about any self-tanner I’ve tried…” - Shop Etc. Magazine

The Best in Bronze—“…makes your skin instantly look better…yummy vanilla scent…smells divine and gives the most natural looking tan. Bonus it contains antioxidants…” - M7 Magazine

One of our favorite finds…you’ll get a natural looking glow in a matter of minutes…Bonus: the fresh almond scent means no stinky stench.” - D Beauty Magazine

“Finally a sunless Tanner you can use successfully on your face. It smells good too!” Living Magazine
“the ultimate boost to your non-existent winter tan…irresistible light and fresh scent…” - Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

Voted Best Buy—“Most fake tans claim they don’t smell, but I’ve never found one that didn’t…until I tried Xen-Tan.” - More! Magazine

“…yummy scent will leave you smelling delicious while the creamy milk chocolate color will instantly give you a naturally tanned look.” - U Magazine.

... the XEN-TAN Tan Extender is the best sunless tanner I've ever tried - no question. When I'm feeling pale, I rub some on my arms and face before work. By lunch time I have a beautiful tan - my face is a perfect color ... phenomenal! ...
Kim (Orlando, FL)

... by far the best self-tanner I've ever tried. My friends think I spent my vacation in the sun (I'll tell them eventually) ... I'm hooked on the Tan Extender ...
Mary (Salt Lake City, UT)

... I LOVE THE SCENT - it's great ... it smells so good the minute I put it on (I actually look forward to my self-tanning days) - I usually leave it on all day while I'm at work ... I love it ...
Alexis (Dallas, TX)

... I have never sent email to brag about a product until now ... I've told everybody I know - in fact, quite a few people I don't know. Xen-Tan is the best sunless tanner out there and I've tried most of them ... thanks ...
Rachel (Scottsdale, AZ)

... my girlfriend talked me into trying the dark lotion ... now we buy plenty (for both of us) ... needless to say, the guys at the office don't know ... it looks absolutely natural ... i'm addicted ...
Frank (Atlanta, GA)

... I've never tried self-tanning before ... a friend of mine was raving about XenTan and gave me the rest of her Tan Extender. I tried it on friday night so I had all weekend to recover if i didn't like it ... I loved it ... we went out saturday night ... I had a gorgeous tan ... (-: ...
Denise (New Orleans, LA)

... I cook dinners in the microwave and and I love "instant" tans ... quite a few times I've used Xen-Tan "mist" before I go out ... the "instant" color is natural and beautiful - I'm almost guaranteed to get 4-5 compliments in a night. it's the best ...
Pamela (Las Vegas, NV)

... I tried a bottle of Dark Lotion and Tan Extender 3 weeks ago ... (yesterday I ordered one of everything). Not only is it the best self tanner i've tried, the bottles are beautiful ... I keep them arranged on my bathroom counter ...
Jeanie (Houston, TX)

... The pump bottle is genius - I can use the lotion with one hand without making a mess ... [another product I've used] constantly slipped out of my hand - the tube got more tanner on it than I did ... I'm a XenTan fan ...
Shirley (Jacksonville, FL)