How To Tan Legs and Feet

Remember the first time you applied makeup? You weren’t an expert, but within a few weeks you had a routine down. Same goes for self-tan. If you haven’t self tanned before,  an easy way to practice is applying to your legs. If you don’t get it the way you like it then you can wear pants until you do.

Start with a small/medium dot of self-tan (or 1-2 pumps for our Dark Lotion) on our  Deluxe Tanning Mitt and begin with your calves and move up to your thighs. Use the leftover product on the mitt on your feet and ankles filling in-between your toes. Areas of the body with thinner skin require less self-tan, so there is no need to add additional product before self-tanning your feet. If your ankles or knees are super dry, swipe our Blending Balm over them. The balm can also be used to blend over the sides of your feet or under your toenails.

Lastly, be patient! A flawless self-tan is all about careful practice and soon enough it will be a effortless routine!



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