Transformation Ultra

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Transformation Ultra
8 oz
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  • Optimum Complex-30™
  • Rich Deep Tan
  • Ultra Long-Wearing
  • Rinse Off in 60 Minutes
  • Cucumber-Melon Scent

With a new breakthrough in DHA, Transformation Ultra gives you a tan that looks more realistic than ever before. This product is loaded with luxurious ingredients like; Broccoli Seed for the ultimate in skin damage protection, Argan Oil from Morocco for a smooth finish, Humectants to evenly distribute the tan across your skin, and peptides to build collagen. For a light to medium tan, apply then rinse off after 60 minutes. For a dark tan, rinse off after 3 hours. Let your tan develop for a full 10 hours to achieve the darkest, longest wearing tan possible! With a fresh cucumber-melon scent, Transformation Ultra is one of the most unique self-tanners out on the market today!

This product does not contain SPF.