The Science Behind Xen-Tan

Xen-Tan is dedicated to creating products that use the latest technology to achieve a beautiful and modern self-tan. From the beginning, we have formulated our products to suit even the most selective sunless tanning customers. With enough products on the market that deliver less than superior results, we want Xen-Tan to be something completely different.

Xen-Tan addresses the two main problems with self-tan: the orange color and the processing odor. We use a unique time-release copolymer to control the amount of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the tanning ingredient that is released on the skin during application. If released too quickly, DHA creates unpleasant odors and the infamous orange color common in traditional self-tanners. By controlling the release of DHA, Xen-Tan products are able to give a natural-looking tan with olive undertones™. People who tan naturally in the sun have olive undertones, so mimicking that with self-tan looks much more realistic.

Treating the skin and protecting it is just as important to us as tanning. Our chemists spend years creating formulas that have the correct balance of tanning and nourishing components. Our products include some of Earth's most beneficial ingredients.

• Green Tea An antioxidant that promotes anti-aging and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Vitamin D & E Helps to protect your skin from cellular maturation and promotes a youthful appearance.

Shea Butter Moisturizer that helps with cellular restoration and provides elasticity to the skin.

Gingko Biloba Helps to strengthen fragile skin. It increases collagen and balances skin texture.

Argan Oil from Morocco Moisturizer that helps to improve skin flexibility and softness while offering antioxidant protection.

Peptides Stimulates the skin to build collagen (for firmness) and helps to prevent wrinkles.