self tanning tips

Self Tanning Tips

XEN-TAN is formulated to ensure a natural, streak-free tan even for beginners. Go about your normal activities and let Xen-Tan do all the work! With the guidelines below and a little practice you are assured a perfect self-tan.


Shower using our exfoliating body scrub and dry off thoroughly. Do not apply oil based moisturizers. The oil will dilute and diminish the effect of  the tanners. Xen-Tan includes a blend of moisturizers perfect for a streak-free application even around wrists and ankles.


Start by applying the self-tanner to your thighs. Some people use gloves to apply self-tanning products, but we think you'll find that our Deluxe Tanning Mitt gives a superior application if you prefer not to use your hands. Our mitt has a silky finish and the inside is sealed to keep the product from tanning your palms. Sweep lightly over knees and glide around calves. Blend a small amount of the self-tanner in a downward motion over feet and around ankles.


Apply a small amount of tanner to the Deluxe Tanning Mitt and blend evenly over hands. Skin needs less self-tan in areas where it is thin like feet, wrists and knuckles. It's very important to blend the lotion over the top of your skin rather than trying to rub it in. Too much rubbing erases some of your tan. After applying self-tan to one hand, switch the mitt to the other hand and repeat the process. If you have unusually dry skin on elbows or knees just pat a little of your regular body moisturizer there after applying your Xen-Tan. Don't worry if your instant color isn't perfect. As long as you covered each spot, your resulting tan will be smooth.


Apply tanner to your Deluxe Tanning Mitt and blend over stomach, chest, and back (as far around as you can reach). Customer Tip - We recommend using our Hard to Reach Back Applicator to apply Xen-Tan lotions or mousse on your back where you can't reach. If you want to tan your whole body, blend tanner over shoulders and down arms ending at the wrist. Keep arms bent so that self-tanner distributes evenly over elbows.


Use our new Blending Balm to blend any rough areas around hands, wrists, knees, or ankles. Within 2-3 hours you will develop a healthy, natural-looking tan that can last up to 7 days. You can tan before bed if you use darker colored sheets or wait 15 minutes after tanning to dress. Xen-Tan self-tanner washes out of most fabrics, but we always suggest wearing dark colors. self-tanning tips